Singing to the Wind Blog post #4

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Supplement City: 

In the supermarket – decisions – would the zinc or the garlic help save you?

garlic: whole cloves or pearly gels? A doc friend swears by the latter.

raw honey: a bandmate tells me a bit in the nose will inhibit a virus from growing there 

turkey tail for immune support and tumor inhibition
reishi for longevity
cordyceps for strengthening lungs 

herbs and their tinctures – too many to list, but I am a believer i didn’t getting a cold or flu all year after getting three the year before I started taking them 

People are waiting to read my book, jut published, for a few days after it arrives at their houses in case some virus hitched a ride. I hear few comments at first and am anxious, then ones come to me via email or Facebook, or even reviews on Amazon. Big relief – for the most part people seem to see what I intended. There will probably be lousy ones at some point, but at least I am understood by my friends. It’s funny – I can’t go out in the world and visit those I care about, but my book can! 

My dear Ari’s dissertation defense is on Zoom – the poignancy of the academicians, all so generous of heart and its feedback, and his sister coming and going in a hospital, in a face mask. 

Day 37 Easter Sunday – April 12 

It happened this afternoon, sitting outside in the garden, the pups sunning on flagstone. We hear what we think are firecrackers a street or so away, Then something whizzes by – we hear it rather than see it. It has a heaviness and a velocity. We register that it’s a bullet as it bypasses us. I yell sharply for the pups to come inside, my husband calls the cops once we are there. He surmises it was teens firing a handgun. We wonder at a moment where a bullet missed us and our pups, by maybe a few feet. And here we are in our house again, trying to dodge the Corona bullet. 

It is strange writing this story – not knowing how it will go. At least in my writing I have control over that, beginning, middle and end. Will one of us or one of our friends have to fight the virus? Will we make it? Will the small businesses survive? Every morning I wake to the fact I’m ok, but this could change even during the day. Will someone else have to write my ending? And what of the others? Who will give them voice? 


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