blog post April 25, 2020

Singing to the Wind 1 .pdf

Pandemica 2020

Deciding to go Inside

Read articles (make sure they are real)
let yourself feel some fear
this could be the fear that might allow you to survive

The tug of your old life laps like a lazy shoreline
no pasa nada – I can go out one more time

Read another article, watch some more news
talk with your loved ones.
lucky are the ones with a spouse they get along with
a friend to walk with
an aloneness that is enough

Every person added to the mix reminds me
of what they said during the AIDS crisis:
you’re not just sleeping with your partner,
you’re sleeping with every person
your partner has slept with.

Make the decision to start planning – fill the car with gas,
which you won’t need much of for months
write a list and go to the store
after you figure out meals and essentials for a while
how long will this be?

Do not hoard, though the impulse may be there
know that things will return to shelves faster
once we calm down and stop taking too much

I recall an anthropological book I read on a Mexican community:
whoever got the richest in the village
had to throw the next big party, like the saint’s day festival
until he was among the poorest in town

and if I buy twelve tortillas in the market,
I am taking that chance away from you
equilibrium and basic ecology is taken into account
– leave something for the other 
that’s the key
I hope we will all practice ecology like never before


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